Featured Artists

SOTA is proud to partner with some of the most talented artist in Chicago, IL.

They are always creating new and interesting pieces, and continually inspire us all at State of the Art.

Check out some of their work below!

Nancy Wickum



I was raised in Midwestern farm country near the banks of the Mississippi River and spent most of my childhood exploring the creeks, hills, fields, and forests surrounding our family farm. The inspiration for my work is the indelible memory of the land and the forces that shaped it, both human and natural.

The paintings are abstract interpretations derived from an aerial perspective of water and land formations at different times of the year. The work attempts to capture the reflective quality of light moving over water in contrast to the static nature of land forms. Each landscape is reduced to subtle color fields defined by detailed etched lines.

Sick Fisher



SICK FISHER was born Joseph Nicholas Fisher in 1985 in Weymouth, Massachusetts but raised in Sebastian, Florida. After graduating from The Florida State University in 2008, Fisher moved to Chicago in 2009 to continue his work as an artist. Fisher works in large scale murals as well as on a variety of smaller surfaces that include canvas, paper, wood, plastic, metal, brick, and glass. Based in Humboldt Park, most of Sick Fisher’s work can be seen on California Ave as well as up and down Milwaukee Ave in Logan Square. Other neighborhoods with Fisher’s public work are Rogers Park,Lakeview, Evasick-fisher1nston, Downtown, and West Loop. In addition to his commercial endeavors, Fisher’s true passion is upgrading neglected spaces such as abandoned storefronts and walls with site-specific murals or designs.

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Jessica Smith


I’m an illustrator/designer in San Francisco.


I grew up in West Palm Beach Florida where I missed out on the concept of winter. I spent a lot of time at the beach and listening to music. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, and now I design anything from illustrative band posters to corporate identity. I also create weird underwater art.