Art Subscription

Art Subscription Service

SOTA specializes in delivering art curatorial services to both public and private spaces.  This is a platform beneficial to both emerging art enthusiasts and emerging artists by providing space for artists’ work to be on display while invigorating the atmosphere of the client’s establishment.  

Our art selection process involves a collaborative effort between the venue and our curatorial staff, which creates a unique collection of pieces each and every install that is professionally hung by Union workers.  Founder and partner of State of the Art is Keith Skogstrom of Geodesic Designs. He is a Union certified carpenter and has the material expertise to handle and hang the work according to your specifications.  He has years of experience loading in downtown Chicago high-rise buildings and other high-end establishments.

To inspire and increase creative potential, we rotate the art every 3 months within a 1 year contract. SOTA’s expansive database actively works to motivate employees and connect emotionally with clients visiting the space.  A changing work environment where employees spend the majority of their day increases their well being and satisfaction.  Our varied artist demographic also brings a sense of inspiration and inclusiveness to your employees while culturally enhancing your establishment, all using art!

Together, with you and your company, we can continue to bring art to a more accessible level in Chicago.

If you are interested in participating in this service please contact us for more information, and artists please submit an Artist Application today!

RacineOil_MartaMazurRacine Oil by Marta Mazur