What is “State of the Art”?

State of the Art is a monthly showcase that brings fine art to an accessible level and features a diverse group of artists, collectives, and galleries, hosted by Geodesic Designs. Shows are held monthly as “pop-up” gallery events to provide opportunities for local, regional, and national artists to exhibit and sell their works in downtown Chicago. We currently set up our pop up gallery in the beautiful exposed brick main floor at Tradition Gastro Pub & Kitchen.

SOTA also provides an Art Subscription Service, which is an art curatorial service to public and private spaces as a platform for emerging art enthusiasts to encounter local art.



What medium of work does SOTA take?

Paintings, prints, video art, sculpture, art installation pieces, etc.. This is not a craft or utilitarian artwork show, and we do not ever intend it to be.

Is there an application process?

SOTA is a curated art show where the artists are hand selected to ensure a cohesive exhibit. To apply, please see our Artist Application page. There is a $40 non-refundable application fee. There are no additional booth rental fees should you be accepted into one of our shows.


Can I sell my art at SOTA?

Yes! SOTA is set up as a pop-up gallery, where patrons can come in and purchase work right from the artists’ booths.  We do ask that all booths be manned by the artist themselves. Artists can accept credit cards, cash or check.  We strongly encourage you to create a Square account to process your own credit cards. If you have questions, please ask! SOTA staff will process credit cards; there is a 48-hour processing time and SOTA will take 10% of the total for every transaction processed.

Are there any artist requirements?

  • SOTA requires that artists participating in the exhibit provide a comprehensive and professional display of work. Your work is being viewed and displayed to be potentially purchased. We require that your work brought to the exhibit be “hang-ready” so that potential buyers can purchase your work and leave with it all in the same evening.

  • We ask artists to sign a Release Form and acknowledge that they have read the application packet and are willing to abide by the outlined requirements by signing below.

  • We do not charge a booth fee for artists to be in our exhibits but we do ask all artists to donate one piece to raffle off as a door prize for attendees. The piece must be valued at $50 or above. This cultivates return buyers and provides attendees the opportunity to win a “take home” piece of fine art.

  • Artists will deliver artwork at the designated time prior to the show and abide by additional timelines set in place as they arise.

  • Artists agree to providing SOTA with all details regarding their work including: artist biography, pricing range, descriptions, contact information and any other details that are important to their works of art.

  • Artists will respect the venue’s space and constraints, and will not do anything to damage or deface the venue’s property.

How will my work be displayed?

Each artist will be assigned their own booth. Please contact Geodesic Designs and/or State of the Art for exact dimensions.

Filling out the Artist Application

  • The fee to apply is a non-refundable $40. This helps to cover our costs and administrative fees. Please note that if you are chosen to participate in a show or Art Subscription Service, you will not be charged any additional fees.
  • After you have submitted your information below, you will need to pay your application fee through PayPal.
  • We ask that you provide as much information as possible about yourself and your art so we can get a feel for the work you do.  Please use the comments box to describe your work to us.
  • Due to limited space, we can only accept about 6 artists per show, but we will put you on a waiting list. Please list all preferred months for the Pop Up Galleries (if any) and also indicate your interest in our Art Subscription Service.
  • We will notify you in a timely manner if we have any additional questions and if you were chosen for one of the listed SOTA show dates or our ongoing Art Subscription Service.
  • If you are chosen as an artist to participate, you will be asked to sign an Artist Agreement and Release Form upon confirmation.
  • Artists are responsible for the set-up and breakdown of their booths. Artists must be present during the show and work their own booths. Questions about this, please ask.
  • For additional details regarding the event or Subscription Service, please visit our FAQ page. Or email us at chicago.stateoftheart@gmail.com.


Should you have any additional questions or concerns about this process or being an artist in State of the Art, please  contact us! Wanna get updates from us on upcoming shows? Sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.