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Andrea Jablonski
Jane Georges & Lisa Gray
Jeff Horwat & Sara Renae Holloway
Caroline Liu
Jen Lau
Ronan Tipan & Andrea Jablonski

Andrea Jablonski • Instagram @whackminx

Andrea Jablonski is a Polish born, Chicago bred, multidisciplinary artist and fabricator.

Among other merits, Jablonski was named a Tribune Millennium Artist 2000, one of the Chicago Reader’s 2011 People of the Year and the Featured Artist for East Garfield Park Chicago Artists’ Month 2013.

She has over a decade experience in commercial painting, mural work and sculpture fabrication having been awarded many grants and commissions.

Her personal work includes a wide range of mediums, techniques and themes that focus on site specific, community based and collaborative projects. Jablonski favors mundane, everyday materials and re imagines them into new forms that inspire dialogue.

Jablonski has completed several artist residencies, most notably working with Arts of Life, Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago and Valley of the Vapors Music and Art Festival (Hot Springs AK).

Jablonski works with several not for profits including Elastic Arts, having been their Sound and Vision Gallery curator for several seasons and Opera-matic – a community based arts program based in Humboldt Park.

She is a well respected musician having been awarded Experimental Sound Studios 2009 Audio Grant among other merits. She currently has a Polish music show on Lumpen Community Radio out of Chicago.


Lisa Gray

Instagram: @lgray1222

“Succulents” 2012. Latex and Acrylic, 4×12′

Muralist Lisa Gray’s work can be seen around Chicago and beyond. Gray’s body of work consists of larger than life botanic imagery all painted with colorful spray paint.  The banner that is on display was originally shown at @baderbrau in 2016.


Jane Georges  • Instagram: @bumblestuff

“Rise and Shine” (detail) 2019. 48×96″ ~ 65,000 hand-stringed pony beads


When I began this project, I started with a new intention— I started setting my alarm with the sunrise. While stringing some 65,000 ponybeads or so, I found myself constantly moving around and repositioning my work space to find any sort of comfort possible.  I’ve been wanting to make my own version of beaded curtains for some time, and here is my first attempt. I had no idea that the physical object itself would be tied to the idea of renewal (and how much it would push me to try and take better care of myself—by making sure to stretch more, take my vitamins, drink more water, etc.) through the setting of intentions and though you will not be able to physically walk through this piece, I hope to invite that feeling. It’s been interesting paying close attention to how my body feels, and why it may feel that way.  I too often begin my day already working right when I awake (if not dramatically oversleeping) and so I can’t think of a more beautiful way to start the day… with some extra time for just me and whatever is next after passing through that sunrise.

Jane Georges is an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in paying close attention to nature and nostalgia, subconscious feeling and intuition, memory, the senses, inner dialogue and healing.  Through such subjects, she creates curious works of exploration with a spectrum of unlikely fibers, textures, and in general, commonly overlooked everyday objects/materials.

In late 2016, Georges created Oh And Also, linking the diversity of her portfolio to her passions for fine art, interiors, fashion, installation art, travel, and philanthropy.  Jane currently supports the West Humbolt Park mixed use arts space and 501(c)3, Silent Funny, as Gallery Manager, and on top of her own creative endeavors, she continues to support other Chicago-based artists through the painting of murals, art process assistance and prototyping, as well as management and assistance in the installation of gallery and museum exhibitions (Amanda Williams, Jeff Zimmerman and Kerry James Marshall, Industry of the Ordinary, Renee Robbins, and AMFM Gallery).




Caroline Liu   •   Instagram: @catsandart

Chicago based artist Caroline Liu is a painter, illustrator, and muralist. Her work explores the complex layers of perception and memory through reflection within the self and within a community. Rich with symbolism, her compositions contain a powerful iconography of totems, flora and fauna, patterns, and portraiture that is paired with her electric and vibrant color palette. Her work is deeply connected to her personal narrative and memories, while also evoking a wider sense of universality in themes of vulnerability, loss, strength, and togetherness.



Ronan Tipan • Instagram: @ronanart


Ronan is a Filipino-American painter from Chicago, Illinois. His passion for the art started at an early age, but a moral obligation to assist the family financially caused him to put this passion to the side. He was taught as a kid to study hard and get a job, and art was not a viable way to earn a living. Though the path he has taken has brought him a successful career in the field of business, his passion for the art was reinvigorated when, starting to wonder about doing something different for himself, he created a painting to commemorate a sentimental moment in his personal life.

Though oil is his preferred medium, he also utilizes other mediums such as charcoal, conte crayons, acrylic paints, and materials such as paper, linen, and everyday materials.

As part of his process, he will create art based on an item he found interesting, an observation in his environment or an idea that he thought of; then focusing on a specific angle, a moment or an emotion. Sometimes, he would just let himself get lost in the process and create something by letting his mind or his feelings dictate where the brush takes him.


Sara Renae Holloway


I am foremost interested in emblematic and allegorical portraiture of an emotionally intimate nature. My work is predominantly figurative and is most often inspired by metaphor, historical iconography, poetry, biological patterns, folklore, personal experiences, narratives and memories.

Distorting the form and pushing boundaries has always appealed to me. Although my work contains figurative and naturalistic elements, I am not the biggest fan of the regurgitated “beautiful” tropes of photo-realism in paintings. I think there’s more to exhume and communicate than simply just flexing technique with aesthetically pleasing imagery. I enjoy the idea of attracting and repelling through implied metaphor and challenging subject matter. I have been told that my paintings can radiate a cold and latent violence and/or negativity. This is an enormous compliment for me. I like to think that disturbing or conflicting sentiments are not always the enemy. My creative process is intuitive, highly subjective and thoroughly self-referential. Occasionally, I find myself creating several practically identical works with analogous themes, upon which concepts and ideas are manifested: notes are made and then crossed out again, “mistakes” and patterns are repeated. Sometimes I find myself working out a memory or impression over and over again until I’m exhausted and if I am successful…I finally feel separated from it.

Lately, everything I am drawn to embodies perceptions of identity, sexuality, beauty, fear, anxiety, expectation, isolation, strength, desire, trauma and balance.


Jen Lau   •   Instagram @jenlaudraws

Jen Lau draws and cuts paper. She finds inspiration from everyday life and the human form. She is currently based in Chicago.


Jeff Horwat   •   Instagram @jeffhorwat

Jeff Horwat is an artist, a teacher, and a scholar who currently works as an assistant professor of fine arts where he directs the art education program at Indiana University South Bend. He has taught art in both K-12 and higher education for more than 10 years and has presented his artwork and scholarship in many different venues including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Fort Worth, San Diego, Sacramento, Louisville, Hartford, and New Bedford. He currently resides in Chicago.

Typically Jeff’s creative practice consists of the creation of black and white surreal wordless narratives–long term allegorical explorations that explore some aspect of the human condition. However, The North American Bird Project is an ongoing series that reflects a departure from the typical artwork regularly produced. These playful Bird images are usually created during periods of creative fatigue or between projects. Birds are randomly selected out of an atlas of north american birds and are illustrated in his signature wind-up toy illustrative style. Paintings are started and finished within one to two days. The brevity, small scale illustration prompts are personal assignments that give the artist permission to play, explore color, and take himself slightly less serious.


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