Meet our Newest Partner: The WIP Theater!

The WIP Theater in Edison Park, Chicago is the newest client to participate in SOTA’s Art WIP logo.jpgSubscription Service. State of the Art is excited to partner with a fellow arts organization bringing award winning comedy, drama & kid shows to Chicago’s thriving art scene.

The Theater was founded by Tony Valle, a Chicago based comedian from the area looking to bring the comedic arts to the neighborhood that has given him so much joy and happiness growing up. With daily events from trivia & game show nights to improv and stand up comedy shows feature the nations funniest comedians. The WIP truly has something for everyone. In addition, the WIP is a big believer in giving back. With our strong community ties, the WIP is proud to feature monthly fundraisers for our law enforcement and first responders.

SOTA just installed the works of 4 amazing Chicago area artists, Eric Formato, Erin Smego, James Rowe, and Robert Pockmire. All are welcome and encouraged to stop by the WIP and check out the works in person.

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