July 20th @ Tradition – Pop Up Event!

What a great summer show at Tradition Gastropub and Kitchen! We had an awesome group of artists participate this round, including Marco Tanzi, Evan Maxon, Megan Daigle, Joshua McGrane, Jason Gaudette, Jason Michael West, Jason Ulman, and John Strand.

2016-07-20 18.27.39        2016-07-20 18.27.33

Some extra special artists from the SHITHOLE also took part – Nikki Loehr, Adalie Kavanaugh, Nicole Jakus, Meredith Kachel, Kristiana Mitacek, Zach Bartz, Kevin Gerrity, Dan Wilcop, and Loren Egeland.

We were also honored to have Rob Hogan painting LIVE outside of Tradition! He is a long time supporter of SOTA and also works for Chicago Paint Nite, where a group of participants can drink a glass of wine while painting!

2016-07-20 15.03.29

A special THANK YOU to all of our guests who attended Wednesday night! And also to our artists who donated a piece to the raffle – your support helps keep SOTA going ’round!

Check out some of the work by the artists!

2016-07-20 18.27.47        2016-07-20 18.27.25

2016-07-20 18.26.31